Glasses cord - Lava stone


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This eyeglass cord is a practical and beautiful accessory, with lava stone beads. The lava stone allows you to place a few drops of perfume or essential oil to scent the whole day.

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Height 4 mm
Width 72 cm
Weight 25 gr
SH 71162011
This glasses cord is a chic and practical accessory. Practical to keep your glasses on you without having to wear them, chic thanks to the lava stone beads, a fine stone known in lithotherapy for its virtues. Basalt, also known as pumice stone or lava stone, is a warm stone that revitalizes the organs and relieves nervous tension. It brings joy, courage and self-confidence, allowing to overcome emotional blockages, traumas and excessive negative emotions. Moreover, the lava stone can store some drops of perfume or essential oils to diffuse them throughout the day! Length : 72 cmDiameter of beads: 4 mm

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