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This eyeglass cord is a practical and beautiful accessory, with tiger eye beads. Tiger's eye is brown with lighter and darker lines and symbolizes protection. In energetics, it is known to be effective for protection against the evil eye but it is also recommended for joint problems.

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Height 4 mm
Width 72 cm
Weight 25 gr
SH 71162011
This cord for glasses is a chic and practical accessory. Practical to keep your glasses on you without having to wear them, chic thanks to the tiger eye beads, a fine stone known in lithotherapy for its virtues. Brown and ochre with flamboyant reflections, the tiger's eye is a powerful protective stone that takes care of its wearer by sending back the evil eye and the negative energies of the surroundings or toxic people. It also helps to regulate the emotions of the wearer, making it impervious to external emotions that can overwhelm hypersensitive people. The eye of tiger is also beneficial to stimulate the will and the motivation, to take confidence in oneself and by avoiding the depression to bring joy, good mood, creativity and optimism. In lithotherapy, it would be also possible to use it to lessen the articular pains, to reinforce the metabolism, to decrease the asthma attacks, to fluidify and regulate the digestion. Length: 72 cmDiameter pearls: 4 mm

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