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Recommended for Cellulite, blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, heavy legs, water retention, varicose veins...: dilute a few drops in vegetable oil to massage the legs from bottom to top. 

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Height 4 cm
Weight 0.080 kg
indications of cypress essential oilSkin application (bath, cold compress, massage): anxiety, anxiety, asthenia, bronchitis, cellulitis, seasonal depression, ENT congestion, flu, lack of self-confidence, poor lymphatic circulation, poor blood circulation, mucus, pessimism, allergic rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis, sinusitis, cough, excessive sweatingRespiratory route (diffusion, inhalation, olfaction): Anxiety, anxiety, asthenia, bronchitis, convalescence, seasonal depression, epidemic, ENT congestion, fatigue, influenza, infection, heavy legs, lack of concentration, lack of self-confidence, blocked nose, pessimism, water retention, allergic rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis, mood swings, sinusitis, cough, varicose veins Natural oil without chemicals, has not been tested on animals.Capacity: 30 ml

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